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Baby Shower Presents

Adorable gifts for the occasion

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Baby Shower Presents

Baby shower presents can seem almost impossible and overwhelming to think of. Everyone always buys the same old run of the mill things. What do you do if you want to be different for a change. I mean, come on, how many nappies do the parents actually need….

We are here to tell you…..hundreds. But the really good news is that we can take the words, impossible and overwhelming out of the equation and substitute instead the words, great ideas and amazing gifts and oh so easy. Yup, you heard right, at How Thoughtful we have some amazing baby shower gift ideas and brilliant baby shower presents lined up just awaiting your go ahead.

Want to be the baby shower present star of the party, look no further than our incredibly awesome nappy tricycle, what could be cuter? Our nappy castle is an absolute party stopper, complete with turrets and flags and fit for any prince or princess. Remember the question….How many nappies? Well the new parents would certainly thank you for this life-saver gift.

We have baby shower presents for both boys and girls, all you need to do is state your preference. It really is as easy as that. All you need to do is browse through our baby gifts to see our lovely baby shower gift ideas ready and waiting for you to make your choice.

If your preference is leaning more towards something sentimental and thoughtful, we have a great selection of personalised framed prints to hang in all their glory on the nursery wall for all to admire and cherish for years to come. Another nice baby shower gift idea is to personalise one of our many chocolate slabs with a thoughtful message to the proud parents who sure would appreciate the indulgence of a little Belgium chocolate to celebrate their new little bundle of joy.

Baby shower present shopping just got a whole lot easier. No mess, no fuss and we will gift wrap your baby shower present and deliver it to you anywhere in South Africa.


* FATHERS DAY: New orders placed for delivery this week, are now closed.*