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Housewarming Gifts - Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Snug-as-a-Bug Hot Chocolate Gift Set



Product Description

Snug-as-a-Bug Hot Chocolate Gift Set

The feeling of being warm in a blanket, sitting next to your loved one when it’s cold outside is amazing. Do you enjoy snuggling?

Why not treat yourself or your loved one to the Snug-as-a-Bug Hot Chocolate Gift Set. Perfect for a picnic or a cozy night in for two. Enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows together and make the moment unforgettable.

Gifts set contains:

  • 2 Coffee Mugs
  • 2pkts Hot Drinking Chocolate
  • 2pkts Mini Marshmallows
  • 2 Nestlé Kit-Kats
  • 4 Nestlé White Chocolate Sachets
  • 1 Fluffy Blanket

Additional Information

Weight 9.25 kg


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